Welcome to PCS Logistic Partners Ltd

We have grown into a dynamic member of the Logistic Sector.

Our Management team collaboratively has over 100 years’ experience in Delivery and Logistics Management.

PCSLP operate with a highly-qualified Management team operating across the breadth of the United Kingdom.

We are always looking for new members to join our team, if you feel as though you can offer something new and exciting please contact us

Here are our current Vacancies 

 I have been working for pcs
logistics for 2 years now.  It has and still is a pleasure to work for the
company. They have supported me and helped me progress through the company. All
4 directors and my regional manager are approachable and listen to any concerns
that i have. Top team Top company!!! 



Senior Delivery Driver

I have worked with PCS for just under 1 year. When I first started they gave me a full induction and made me aware of what the business was all about.

This induction was conducted with all of the directors going through different
aspects of the business.
All if them made me feel welcome and part of the team from the very first day. 

I have enjoyed my time with PCS since i have started and i have learnt alot more about the logistics business since joining this is mainly down to the vast knowledge in all area’s of logistics by the whole team



On Site Supervisor

I started with PCS 18 months ago , I love the fact that the directors are intune with the whole operation . All senior management are available to be contacted at anytime and will always do their best to help out and support whenever required. Any issues are delt with quickly and effectively.

 Since i have been with the business, PCS have secured multiple new contracts which has enabled us to provide more jobs within numerous locations throughout the country.

Its great to be part of a growing company 



Delivery Driver

We can create a peak solution to meet your business requirements

We can help deliver growth and profit to your business.

Pallet Deliverys is a 48h service designed to be a quick, easy and cost effective way to send big or bulky items anywhere in the UK mainland.

We understand the prospect of recruiting for your business can be a daunting task

We can provide anaylsis of your network and structure using our experienced management team

Why Choose Us?

PCS Logistic Partners Ltd was established in November 2011.

From a startup company with four founding directors we have grown to an organisation with a driver pool of over 500.

We have grown the business substantially delivering for a high-profile client base

 We have developed our management structure to be able to handle the Peaks and troughs of the logistics industry

We are able to double our workforce to manage the peak uplifts and return to our core managed non-peak pool sizes.

Year on year we refine our  processes and services, as we strive to constantly improve on the previous year performance. Our innovative team create more and more successful solutions and  process enhancements. 

Proud to be working with